The expert patron Silvano Formigli


silvano formigli

Silvano writes:

…We were delighted by the stupendous dishes we sampled, their excellent quality and the attention to detail in terms of the raw ingredients, but also in their skilful and attentive preparation.
We would also like to thank you for allowing us to take part in that family tradition of yours of a family prosciutto, which you yourself matured. The fish was wonderful, the memory of such clear-cut flavours is still alive within us and will remain so forever… you deserve for everyone who comes to Ischia who appreciates excellent cuisine to come and find you, and be welcomed by warm, kind people who deserve, for their dedication and passion, every success and fulfilment…

Silvano Formigli is a prominent wine connoisseur, who, with wine distributor Selezione Fattorie, has for many years proposed his own selections of production companies to Italian professionals.

He and his wife were our guests in 2005 and following the experience he wrote a letter to our chef, which will always tell our tale of success and fulfilment.