The manager Stefania Coletta


Stefania Coletta - responsabile sala Saturnino Ischia

Ciro Mattera e Stefania Coletta Saturnino Ischia

Stefania Coletta is the voice who speaks for the patrons of Il Saturnino. It is she who manages the dining room with elegance and expertise.

Ciro Mattera is her husband and she has come into her own in this role. Stefania began simply by bringing dishes to the table in the dining room, but subsequently taught herself everything. No catering college, just old-fashioned studying. Her professional life has evolved in a constant state of development at the same pace as Ciro’s cuisine.

As soon as there came a need for our chef’s dishes to be explained – since they were no longer ordinary dishes such as spaghetti with clams or grilled gilthead bream, but had something distinctive behind them – Stefania became our expert, the Charon of our restaurant, the guide and boatman of mythology, ferrying our patrons towards a whole range of taste experiences.

Stefania explains to our patrons that the fish used is always fresh, that the vegetables are from just around the corner, grown right here on Ischia, and she offers advice about the best wines to pair with each dish.

Stefania tells stories and chats with our patrons.

After her stories, some patrons wait right until the end of the meal or the end of the evening to meet Ciro, our cuisine’s protagonist.

Stefania finds her work in the dining room very enjoyable and enthralling, especially when there are wonderful patrons eager to share in the experience.